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Avoiding the Messiness of Life Part 2

RECAP: Dr. Paul Little’s message can be heard at the link below.


Scripture: 1Corth 7:25-40

Dr. Paul Little’s Points of thought:

  1. Control your urge for instant gratification

  2. Purse a simpler less hectic lifestyle

  3. Know yourself and build boundaries

  4. Don’t marry outside the faith

My thoughts:

During today’s sermon I learned how  ‘instant’ my life has become.  For example I’ve always been one to be dominated by my immediate reactions and desires.  Most of us do and to the world’s standards it’s normal but as a Christian it’s unacceptable.  I have been challenged to be willing to say ‘no’.  In my latest post I talked about ‘who is the boss’ and I guess I struggle with that because of allowing myself to react before allowing myself to say ‘no’ or in my case ‘delete’.  My most immediate reactions come from my mouth and no doubt as the Bible says it can’t be tamed.  This week I am going to ask my Cell group to pray for me as I allow God’s grace to train me to say ‘no’ and hit the delete button before I open my mouth or roll my eyes.  For you it may be something different that  allows you to immediately react.  Things that were mentioned in today’s sermons were: porn, food, debt, and shopping.  The world surrounds us with instant gratification and it’s only getting worse and easier.  If we don’t allow God to help us take control and hit the reset button we will find ourselves in a huge mess.  This brings me to the next point about pursuing a simpler lifestyle.  We can get so easily distracted and absorbed but did you ever stop to think about who/what is in control of your life?  Does your debt control you?  Or is it your stuff, or maybe it’s your job.  RESET!  Not only when I lose control do I suffer but but everyone around me does too.  My family, my health which in turn affects my family, my friends, my marriage, and the blessing of serving and knowing Christ.  We need to find balance in being the boss and being in control in a God honoring way instead of being controlled.  If you don’t hit RESET the messiness will come…Divorce, Bankruptcy, Heart Attacks, Ulcers, and lastly your children wanting nothing to do with you because you didn’t make space for them so they aren’t going to make space for you either.

Know yourself and make boundaries.  If you don’t know your weaknesses than you don’t know yourself.  I’m still  learning about some of my weaknesses and have the rest of my life to continue to do so.  But the key here is I am learning.  Being aware of my weaknesses is something I have be learning to do better these past 5 years but new ones arise or old ones creep back in if I’m not on guard.  Asking someone you trust who is willing to be honest with you will help give you insight on this matter.  That is exactly where I am at right now.  If you don’t know your weaknesses you can’t build the proper boundaries so you are destined to fail.  “My flesh want’s me to, but the Lord doesn’t” ~ Dr. Paul Little.  Amen I don’t really want to know my weaknesses but there is nothing profitable about hiding them.  After all who I am kidding God knows them and perhaps my spouse or my friends do to.  We are all weak.  Once you discover your weaknesses than set your boundaries and be accountable to someone because with out the boundaries you CAN’T trust yourself and staying accountable means those boundaries are not going anywhere.

Last point, don’t marry outside the faith.  I married a Christian husband 11 years ago so I won’t try to comment on this area too much but from the scripture that is written in this passage it looks pretty clear to me.  If  the person you marry doesn’t love the Lord they’ll never know how to REALLY love you.  That can be messy.

If we’re all being honest and transparent than we would all beneifit from each others comments.  So please share your thoughts in the comment space below 🙂

In the clay,

Chantal Dube

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