• Chantal Dube

Drake’s Harpist Chantal Dube

This past February and I had the honor of recording for Drake’s new album, Views.

The harp can be heard on Track 1 ‘Keep the Family Close’, Track 3 ‘U With Me?’, Track 14 ‘Child’s Play.’ Keep the Family Close’ is the best song to hear the harp in as you can hear glissando’s throughout the song including the intro, middle and end. Glissando’s can also be heard at the end of Track 14 and in the intro of Track 1.

It was crazy at first for me to think about how the harp would be a good fit for this album but it’s like the icing on the cake in my opinion. I don’t think that there is any other instrument that can be on a rap album and yet remain so elegant.

You can learn more about the other musicians and producers in the album who were featured in a National Post article. Read it by clicking here. The article is titled: An interactive map of the writers, producers and musicians who helped craft Drake’s Views, from the 6 and beyond.


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