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Old Mill Wedding Reception Harpist Chantal Dube

This wedding held a ‘first’ for me. The couple getting married at the Old Mill located in Toronto asked me to play the harp for their first dance. In addition, I was their entire music entertainment package for their reception. They chose to get married on a lovely Sunday morning this past spring and have an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends. They didn’t have a dance yet still wanted to share a special moment together for just the two of them on the dance floor. The week prior to the wedding they took some dance lessons and learned how to dance to the piece titled ‘River Flows in You’. This is a gorgeous newly composed classical piece by Yiruma. It’s typically heard on the piano not the harp however I composed an arrangement that sounds enchanting on the harp. It’s currently one of my new favorite pieces to play on the harp and I was so excited they want to dance to it! As a harpist I am always happy to see couples utilizing my music for more than just a ceremony. Depending on the type of wedding you’re planning the harp can make lovely dinner music providing an elegant and romantic setting that lasts all evening.

The Old Mill offers many different rooms and a traditional chapel making it easy for you to have your entire day there. With many areas to take lovely photos and plenty of rooms for guests to be accommodated in, it’s a very realistic choice for many couples with out of town guests.

I’d love to play for your wedding! Consider having a harpist for your reception entertainment!

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