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They were meant to CRASH…Literally.

This morning my husband was asked to share this story with the congregation about how he allowed God to use him.  It’s an interesting story that all started with a horrible accident.  I was sick and unable to attend Church this morning so I have decided to share his story instead of a sermon recap.

Here’s some insight about the day of the crash.  Last June my husband was pulling out of a parking lot in his big work truck when a speeding motorcycle came out of no where and broad sided him.  My husband was the one pulling out of a private driveway so he got the ticket however several witnesses attested to the fact that the was no time for anyone to see the driver on the motorcycle coming as he was speeding.  My husband wasn’t even backing out so he had a clear view but still didn’t see anything.  It was an awful day that I remember well.  I questioned why God would allow this to happen to us and I waited at home praying and hoping that the driver of the motorcycle would be ok.  We were sick with worry about the other driver as there was a huge dent in the side of his work van where the drivers body hit.  The impact was hard and with just a small helmet on we couldn’t imagine the driver’s injuries.  Even though my husband felt as though there was no way he could have avoided the accident you never want to be a part of an accident at fault or not where the other people involved get hurt.  The driver did turn out to be ok he did have a few broken bones but no permanent damage that we are aware of.  Here is my husbands story, you will see that he was meant to ‘CRASH’ – lesson to self, never question God.

Last week I had to attend court and I decided to represent myself for a ticket I had gotten after being in an accident this past summer.  While I was driving to court I prayed that I would be able to accept whatever God allowed to happen and that God would guide my words and actions.   Upon arriving at court I approached the prosecutor and was offered a lesser charge, I agreed and went back to my seat.  Soon after two men that I recognized from the accident arrived and sat behind me.  They said they were there to support me as my witnesses if I went to trial.  I had not known of or heard from these men since the day of the accident but they encouraged me to re approach the prosecutor and fight the ticket since I would have their full support.    The police officer quickly said to me that if I went to trial the ticket would go back to the original charge.  After hearing that I decided it wasn’t worth it.   After the first case had just started the clerk alerted the judge that her computer just crashed so the judge called a recess.  Honestly at the time I was thinking what is going on, and with all of the opportunities God has given me in my life I do not believe in coincidences anymore.  After about 5 minutes the prosecutor called my name and asked to me to approach the front again.  She said listen you seem like a pretty respectable young man you dressed the part and represented yourself very well so I’m going to help you out and she offered me a ticket with no demerit points and 85 dollars, basically the severity of a parking ticket.    I was absolutely shocked thanked her and took my seat to wait my turn to speak with the judge.  After the court case was over and everything went as planned I wanted to make sure I showed my appreciation to the two witnesses for their support.  They had both missed a day of work for me and literally made all the difference.   They both agreed for me to take them out to brunch.

We went to Cora’s and in the beginning a lot of small talk happened but I was really paying attention to one of the guy’s conversation who I felt had a glass half empty approach to life.   After I listened for  a while I said to him you are never going to get over your past hurt’s and decisions if you continue to live you present life with the attitude of failure.  I told him I was a Christian and although I hadn’t gone through the life that he had God had rescued me from something that I had to come to grips with I was completely powerless over my addiction to porn which ruled my life from the time I was 13 to 26.  At that time the other fellow spoke up and said I’m also a converted hindu who had come to Christ in an amazing story also.  After we had finished eating we exchanged number’s and went our separate way’s.   I went home and told the whole story to my wife and thanked God for using this experience to speak into the life of someone who He had planned for me to meet.

Later that night I received a call from the same guy who expressed to me that of all of his friend’s that had watched him walk his slippery slope of bad decision’s and depression I was the first person to ever speak to him the way I did, and that he felt we were supposed to meet and went on to tell me about his life in greater detail.  After a long and deep conversation I explained to him that I do know about depression having a legally blind mother who struggled with it for years and a wife that struggled with it through our battles with infertility.  I told him depression is not a weakness like the world portrays but a sickness that needs to be treated.   He thanked me for the encouragement and I asked him if I could pray for him and did.

The next morning I received a text from him asking me to call him, after calling him I was informed that someone close to him had been murdered that morning and he was really struggling with his emotion’s   I told him I wanted to get together with him and later on that weekend we did and again had deep talk’s.   I told him it would be great to come to church and he did and reiterated how encouraged and thankful he was for the invite.   He told me he doesn’t know God like he thought but he knows of God.   We still talk or text almost everyday and trying to keep in contact with him as much as possible.  After every encounter I always offer to pray for him.   I pray everyday that he will get to know God not just know of him.   He has tremendous potential to share his life with the young youth today and turn all of his mistakes into blessing for God

I want to encourage you look for opportunities and do not be afraid to share your hard times and struggles with people.  These are not weakness’s, through our struggles we are touched by God and he changes us to be more like him much like a potter working on clay.   So here is a challenge for you when you go about your daily obligation’s this next week look for opportunity to show Christ through your action’s because it is contagious and people will and do notice.

In the clay,

Dwaine and Chantal


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