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Tough Medicine For Marriages

RECAP: Dr. Paul Little’s message can be heard at the link below.


Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:1-16

Subject: Headship in the Home

Buckley’s taste awful but it works…right?  So will this 🙂

Families are under brutal attack today because we’ve redefined marriage in a way God never intended it to be.  Society is constantly challenging the roles God intended for us to have as husbands, wives, mothers and fathers.

When we think about the relationship between God and God’s Son Jesus Christ we don’t think about them as having different values, just different functions.  So is the way a marriage is supposed to function.  We each have different roles and functions we are to carry out but we are not valued any differently by God.  If we value each other differently than it’s our own misconception.  Husbands are supposed to love and cherish their wives and wives are to yield/submit.  Husbands are to LOVE and wives are to RESPECT.  This basic yet very difficult way we are to act is fundamental for functionability in a marriage.   Adam and Eve had a problem with these roles of Love and Respect too.  Adam didn’t lead and so Eve stepped up and took the lead and landed them both in SIN.  No different today in our marriages.  Men don’t take the lead so the women do or in other cases men try to take the lead and women don’t let them.  This really spoke to me.  I never really thought I could get marriage advice by thinking about Adam and Eve and how they sinned in the garden of Eden.  My husband and I went away for our annual ‘State of the Union’ weekend just a couple of months ago.  We decided after much conversation and honesty between us about our relationship that I needed to be more of a cheerleader in his life and give him three compliments a day, and he was to take more of  a leadership role in the our home and in our lives.  The year before we did a year of honesty and respect…I am sure you can guess who had to be more respectful 😉  These things are so important to sit down and discuss.  Men just want to feel respected, honored, and significant.  Women want to feel loved, valued, cherished, and safe.  Maybe you think your man doesn’t deserve respect but it’s a commandment to give it whether we think they deserve or not and women are not always easy to love but love is not an emotion it’s a choice and for husbands a commandment.

I can personally tell you this advice is much harder than it sounds but the good news is that it’s not rocket science to understand.  But putting it  into practice takes a lot of prayer, courage, accountability and determination.  My advice is to get another couple that you trust and ask them to hold you and your husband accountable on a very real and detailed level.  I have a woman at Church that I know if she is going to walk my way and chat I can bet she is going to ask me what exactly were the three compliments I give my husband yesterday….it helps and I love having the privilege of knowing someone God has appointed her to speak into my life.

Unlike Buckley’s Cough Medicine, try it and you’ll like it!


In the clay,

Chantal Dube

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